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Shenpaz Focus -4010 (Dental Ceramic Furnace)


Enjoy beautiful restoration results while staying within budget with (dental caps) ShenPaz small footprint porcelain firing furnaces.

Ideal for new laboratories with limited space or established facilities looking for a cost-effective solution to high quality firing.


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Dental Caps – ShenPaz Focus – 4010 ( Dental Ceramic Furnace )

The Focus 4010 HT has 50 programs (Nos. 200-249) designed exclusively for alumina-based ceramics (CeramTopCeram, and TurkomCeram) with sintering cycles up to 4.5-hour steps ( dental caps ) 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 23x57x27cm (9”x22”x9.5”)

Weight: 13.5 Kg (30 lbs.)

Display screen: 3.5”

Firing chamber: Ø 95mm x 65mm/h (Ø 3.7”x2.6”mm/h)

Firing table: Ø 90mm (Ø 3.5“)

Max Temp: from 1200°C (2192°F)

Max Firing Temp: 1180°C (2156°F)

Program options: 200

Energy Efficient


Firing chamber lined with superior insulation
Chamber opening tightly sealed to hold temp. ready for next cycle
Single phase electrical supply for low-wattage consumption.

Time Saving

GREAT PERFORMANCE original quartz tube muffle assures correct and reliable firing every time dental caps.
POWER FAILURE PROTECTION ensures that firing resumes after return of electrical power


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