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Dental Cast: Ares is equipped with a modern conception generator, which enables to obtain low times
in melting so reducing the oxidation. Its innovative shape of the monobloc arm reduces
the vibrators to the least.Infrared pyrometer, optional.

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Dental Cast – Induction Casting Machine

Specifications Of The Dental Cast – Induction Casting Machine.

Supply   230V / 50Hz
Power   3Kw
Resonance average frequency  90kHz
Casting capacity    da 15 a 120g
Casting time for 40gr of c.c.m   50 sec
Flask dimensions diam. da 30 – 50 – 65 – 80 x 55(H) mm
Cooling   water
Coil movement   by compressed air 3 bar
Weight   76 Kg
Dimensions    60 x 76 x 62h cm

Dental Cast


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